Infant Swim Lessons And Preschool Level

Our infant and preschool classes build confidence and aquatic safety skills.

Infant Swim Lessons

Water familiarisation

Safe and playful, our Infant swimming lessons serve as an excellent avenue to acquaint your child with the water. Right from their initial lesson, we focus on safety and survival skills in a supportive and caring manner. Parent and child swimming is part of our Infant Swimming Lessons and a guardian must be in the water.

Preschool Level Swim Lessons

Tailored for children aged three to school age, our preschool swimming sessions are designed to foster growth.

We lead children through enjoyable activities that progressively enhance their abilities in breathing, floating, and maneuvering in the water.

As the program unfolds, your child’s autonomy and water assurance will flourish. They will learn many skills and improve their water skills including stroke, kicking and diving.