Junior Squad

The Junior Squad is the first step in the competitive pathway for an Ivanhoe squad swimmer.

junior squad

Swimmers in this squad learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming and the daily training environment.

Junior Squad swimmers develop sound technique through regular drill progressions that reinforce correct stroke mechanics.

Swimmers will be introduced to competitions in a relaxed, supportive and encouraging environment. Swimmers in this squad are actively encouraged to continue to participate in other sports and/or extracurricular activities.

Junior Swim Squad Requirements

Age: 7+- to 11+-
Criteria: Metro qualifying time and meeting minimum training commitment
Minimum Commitment: 2 Swim + dryland
Session length: 90 minutes including dryland
Target Competitions: JX Meet, All Juniors and prescribed Encouragement meets
Coach: This is where the name of the coach would go
Price: $160 per month for 2 -3 sessions per week