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Squad Training and Pathways

Our Swim Club offers a dynamic Squad Program delivered by experienced and dedicated coaches.

About our Squad

The Ivanhoe Squad Program Framework

At Ivanhoe Swim we aim to grow as individuals, as a squad and as a team. We will achieve this through the following principles:

Continuous learning
Our program delivers continuous learning where our swimmers, coaches and families endeavour to learn.

Our program believes that peers have a fundamental part of the learning process. Ivanhoe Swim has a mentoring model where more experienced swimmers will mentor, guide and teach junior swimmers within the program.

360 Feedback
We provide 360 feedback where swimmers have a voice in their development and give structured and unstructured feedback back to the coaches on their development.

Growth mindset
We know that skills and talents can be improved through effort and actions and that setbacks are a necessary part of the learning process.

The Ivanhoe Squad Program

Coaching Philosophy

Cater to the individual
Understand that each individual will embark on their own swimming journey and therefore differentiate programs according to the needs, commitment and character of the swimmer.

Sharing the journey
Ensure that swimmers and families understand the direction of the:

  • Athletes program
  • Squad program
  • Team program

Be well planned
Ensure that each workout, week and season is well-planned and communicated.

Teach and mentor the swimmers to have respect for all those that form part of their swimming journey.

Endeavour to continuously build the resilience of swimmers in the program to increase their ability to bounce back from any setbacks faced in and out of the pool.

Squad Timetable

Term 3 2024

Dryland & Strength and Conditioning

Dryland training holds significance for swimmers across all age groups and skill levels, offering essential benefits for aquatic athletes. Due to our reduced weight in water, cultivating the crucial muscle groups required for swimming in the pool can be challenging. Our swimmers see an increase in their power, mobility and flexibility which has a great impact on their ability in the pool.